Photo Gallery

Of Bracon Ash and Hethel Folk

Can you help?

Below are photos of 'ordinary folk' of Bracon Ash & Hethel - who probably led extraordinary lives. All these photos were collected by Gladys Watling for the Bracon Ash Archive - BUT many of the captions and memories are now lost.... If you RECOGNISE anyone (or notice an error) or if you have a STORY to tell about anyone here, please get in touch through the CONTACT page. (Click on the photo to enlarge.)

You can read more about some Bracon Ash families - the Stackyards under Fruit & Flowers; the Waters family under the Harness Maker; the Watlings who kept the Post Office and shop; as well as farming families and residents of the 'large' houses.

THANKS to all who have written/e-mailed with information, including David Randle (in Canada); and to John Betts, Ted Moore, John Myhill for photos.