'Council Houses'

built by the Local Authority for the people

'Council Houses'


If YOU have any records or memories or photos of what it was like to move into a Local Authority house in Bracon Ash or Hethel please CONTACT us...... Even tiny comments help build the bigger picture!

The Local Authority for Bracon Ash and Hethel was Henstead (from 1894 to 1935), then Forehoe & Henstead (from 1935 to 1974) and finally South Norfolk (after local government reorganisation in 1974). At the end of World War there was national concern about the housing and 'Homes for Heroes' became the slogan under which local authorities began to build homes to replace the worst dwellings in their area.

Bracon Ash


In 1901 Hethel had 27 houses scattered around the parish, with 153 inhabitants. 

Above: Stanley Hines & his wife outside were relocated to a 'council house' in Rectory Lane, Hethel, from a clay-lump cottage clacked with pitch and is now no more.